Generate SSH Key Pair using PuttyGen

Today we will go through the steps to generate SSH Key pair using PuttyGen on Windows. So let’s get started:


  1. In your Windows, press start, then search for “PuttyGen” to launch the application
  2. Use PuttyGen to create a public key and private key pair
    PuttyGenn UI

    Generated Key Pair
  3. Copy the public key in its entirety and save it somewhere (alternatively, click on the “save public key” button
  4. Once completed step 3, click on menu “Conversions” -> “Export OpenSSH Key” (To see the difference of Putty Key and OpenSSH Key, Read: PuttyGen: Putty Key vs OpenSSH Key), then proceed with “yes” when ask if want to save without a passphrase. You can place the key anywhere (Note: if you want, you can add a passphrase, this way every time it is used, you will need to enter the passphrase)

    Convert to OpenSSH Key

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