Selenium Chrome Driver: Resolve Error Messages Regarding Registry Keys and Experimental Options

dToday’s post is about a few error messages I countered while developing a framework with Selenium Web Driver with chrome.

I have been seeing the messageDevTools listening on ws:// For quite some time, but could not find any clue, and since it was not preventing my tests from running, I decided to leave it. I later learnt it might be due to the version of my chrome driver mismatching with my chrome browser.

You can find a list of available Chrome driver and the version of the Chrome browser version each version supports on its official site.

I took steps to resolve this issue, by first upgrading chrome browser to version 81.0 (the latest version as of this writing on May 15, 2020). I then start to see more (error) messages shown below:

I then updated the Chrome driver via NPM since I am using node (more about the package can be found here):

To my surprise, by doing so none of the above error messages were resolved. It is more than what I have thought of at the first place.

The error messages fall into 2 groups, some unrecognized registry key (The first two messages)and another group of error messages (The last three messages) which seems rather strange.

Checking the windows registry by win + R, then regedit, there is indeed a key exists at

A lot of people have mentioned about add this key, however by already having this key, and the error message is indicating it is not known, I have decided to remove this key from the registry. And by doing so the first two error messages have been successfully resolved.

I later learnt from digging around in google, to resolve the other three error messages, chrome options excludeSwitches: ['enable-logging'] need to be introduced:

For a list of available chrome driver options, see here

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